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Cron is the handy Linux/FreeBSD scheduler which can be used to run programs or scripts at regular intervals. The syntax can be a bit confusing however, and I’ve found myself searching for “cron run task every 10 minutes” more than once. Here is a list of some common schedule tasks. You can copy this list… Read Article →

Continuing the short series of Active Directory (AD) scripts (Part 1, Part 2) we have one more way to do mass changes in AD, such as password resets or property changes. The below script (save as <filename>.ps1) will perform changes to an entire OU, or even a whole domain. In this example we will set… Read Article →

I am brushing up on my bash scripting skills, as I’ve only learned bash through trial and error as well as stealing code found on the Internet. Something simple that I came across is preventing unintentional file/folder removals such as the classic “rm -rf /” which will delete the entire file system in some cases…. Read Article →

Yesterday we learned how to get Active Directory (AD) usernames out of a list of full names, something that can come in handy if HR sends a long list of users that need to have their manager changed to Bob. Today we will learn how to perform mass changes using this list of AD usernames… Read Article →

I have been slacking off this month with content, so lets fix that by starting a short Active Directory (AD) scripting series. This will go over a few simple ways to handle changes to large amounts of users in AD. Our main tools will be Excel and Command Prompt or PowerShell. Let’s get started with: Active Directory… Read Article →

Since WordPress is not exactly know for being secure (although this falls mainly on the plugins) it is always a good idea to patch it regularly. I recently updated the theme I use on this site, and forgot to back up the old theme folder before I did so. That meant I ran into this… Read Article →

I just heard about the latest fun Windows 7 update, which disabled secure boot and renders computers with ASUS motherboards unbootable. ASUS got a fix posted here. If the page goes away for some reason, here is the fix in written form: Step 1: Enter the UEFI and navigate to Advanced Mode Menu->Boot->Secure Boot Step… Read Article →

With physical server number 3 entering my basement datacenter I have started looking at power consumption. I have not checked the actual draw of power from all gear, but I know that my 950 W UPS started complaining about being overloaded with all three servers + switch/WAP running on it, so the current power draw is probably somewhere… Read Article →

I did promise a guide for bhyve setup, however I never got it all working. While I was able to get a Windows VM up and running, as soon as I tried to enable PCI pass-thru I ran into trouble. I also found a really good guide that I followed, so there would not have… Read Article →

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