Cert expiration and interesting bug

Looks like my Lets Encrypt certification for this site had expired while I was on vacation. Guess I should have set it to auto-renew… I run this site on a FreeBSD webserver, and while support for Linux was there, the FreeBSD support for Lets Encrypt was still a bit lacking. That being said, hopefully I remember how I to renew it, and can get that done in the near future.

While I was gone I also came across an interesting bug in this backup script. I had another program that I wrote stored in a subfolder inside my backup directory. The program was still running when I got back home, but I found that several files, such as configuration files and log files had been deleted. Turns out that I had forgotten about the “delete anything older than 2 weeks” rule that I had set, which recursively deleted some files inside my sub-folder as well. I started writing a simple bash script to update the date on the files every day, but instead ended up of simply moving the folder.