Getting Started With Trello

I found out about Trello ( probably about a year ago, and started using it briefly to get household tasks organized. This mainly meant creating a quick shopping list, or a list of items to pack before a trip.

It wasn’t until recently that I found the usefulness of this free tool while at work. If you are anything like me and keep pending tasks in a messy txt file, or on post-its then it’s time to take a look at Trello. Just organizing tasks is in itself useful, but where the website (or, I guess, web application) shines is when you bind it together with other websites or applications. For instance, if I set a due date on a task then it will show up on my Google calendar, which in turn syncs with my desktop mail app. I also found out today (and put the task on my Trello to set it up!) that you can email cards straight into your boards. That will come in handy for work ticket management, where automated emails can be made into tasks.trelloI also found it useful to create long and detailed checklists, which I then store on a separate boards. This would be for example for a re-occurring maintenance task with complicated tasks. When the time comes to repeat the task I can simply copy my checklist into my active board. Below for example is my checklist for running hardware diagnostics on the F5 BIG-IP appliance.checklist

I’m not going to promise a series on Trello, but if I do come across more cool stuff it can do I will try to make another post.