Home Surveillance Part I – The Switch

I needed some Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the security cameras I plan to install at home, so I purchased the cheapest gigabit switch I could find on eBay. Hence, enter the Brocade FWS 648G-POE switch seen above. I am sure there is a good reason why this switch was about 1/3 the price of the equivalent Cisco or HP switch, however I hope for my home use this will be enough. It is managed, and should let me configure a separate VLAN to use for my cameras. I will also lock them down so that they will not be able to access the Internet. Because IP cameras are popular targets for DDOS botnets, due to built in or default credentials, I will not let any WAN traffic in or out to their network. They will send the video feed to a separate surveillance server, which I can then connect to from outside. More on this setup as I start doing the installation.