IT Toolbox

Gratis software (Windows)

  • Account Lockout – Active Directory tool to list locked out user accounts
  • BgInfo – Standard tool to display info such as IP address on top of the desktop background
  • DDU – Uninstalls any display drivers present on a system
  • KeePass – Password manager (non-cloud)
  • Never 10 – Program that blocks Windows 10 updating
  • Nirsoft – Offers a wide range of free tools for desktop support
  • Procmon – Advanced process monitoring tool
  • PSTools – Set of remote access tools (see link for description of each tool)
  • PuTTY – SSH client
  • SpaceSniffer – Displays all files and folders in a specific location and sorts them by size
  • Speccy – Lists extensive hardware information
  • Windows Installer CleanUp Utility – Removes old corrupted software installs
  • Zenmap – GUI version of the popular nmap network scanning tool

Paid software (Windows)

  • Beyond Compare – Keeps track of differences between folders, useful for comparing file servers
  • Simple Diagrams – Similar to MS Visio, used for creating fast sketches and diagrams
  • SpinRite – HDD/SDD tool that can recover failed drives

Gratis software (Web Based)