Lab server work

I had an outage for a few days as I was working on my lab setup. I also tidied up the server rack a bit, as seen below. Before I had about half of my important services such as Active Directory and DNS running on one physical server, and the other half (hosting things like this web server, my main router, and file storage) ran on another. This meant that both servers were dependent on each other, which caused some issues when doing updates. The new configuration will be in such a way that all vital services run on my NAS, which stays powered on all the time. The other two servers will only run lab stuff, and can be turned off most of the time, only being powered up when needed (thanks to Wake On LAN). I plan to play around with Foreman and Puppet, which hopefully should provide some nice automation options for deploying new lab servers. I have a guide in the works that describes the setup process for this, so stay tuned!