Moving to AWS (?) – Part 1

After completing my Cisco CCNA R&S certification along with Security+ to keep my older CompTIA certs from expiring I started looking at learning more about cloud infrastructure management and architecture, specifically AWS as they currently have the largest market share.

As part of this I thought it would be interesting to figure out of I could convert my home servers to run in the cloud for the same (or hopefully less) cost, along with similar or better functionality.

Here is the existing setup in the basement, in desperate need of cleaning:

Using a watt meter we can determine that the entire stack draws about 700 Watts. That is not including the large Supermicro server at the bottom which is currently powered off. Looking at the last electric bill the cost is around 12 cents/KWh. Crunching the numbers comes up with around $50/month in just electricity.

The top server in the picture is the storage server, which consists of six 4TB hard drives. The drives were purchased in 2015, and four have failed in the four years of service. Summing up the various costs of the drives, plus spares, we land at about $25/month in hard drives.

The storage server and the hypervisor server both cost around $500 from eBay in 2015. While they show no signs of failure, it should be accurate to estimate a five year lifespan, as these were already several years old at the time of purchase.
Adding in the dust and spiderweb covered UPS into the total, we are looking at around $1300 in server hardware. If we add in the firewall which can potentially be migrated as well we get $1500. Averaged over 5 years we come in at $25/month for servers.

Costs per month summed up:

Electric $50
Hard Drives $25
Server Hardware $25
 Total $100

OK, so I now have my number to beat. I believe it is going to be tough to find the same amount of of storage for a good price (~13 TB usable), but the server costs I think we can beat. I only run a handful of servers 24×7, the rest can be converted into on demand instances. In part 2 we will take a look at the offerings from AWS and see if we can match that $100/month figure.