Moving to AWS (?) – Part 4

Previous parts: 12 and 3.

As we are getting ready to setup our new infrastructure in AWS we should probably have some sort of plan in place with our different steps outlined. Today we will put that together, using Trello. I made a quick guide on Trello which can be found here. If you happen to read this as the the AWS move is ongoing then you can view current progress on the public Trello board. I will also add screenshots of current progress to this and future post. OK, let’s get started!

We have a few major areas of the project that we can break down into smaller tasks:

  • Web servers
  • Security camera server
  • File storage
  • Subsonic server

For each of these tasks we will list the steps and their relative level of effort to complete. This will give us the following To-do lists in Trello:

We might end up adding a lot more items to these lists, but that should get us started. Getting the security camera server migrated will have the most impact, as it will allow us to power off one of our existing onsite physical servers. After that we can tackle the web servers and Subsonic in tandem. Once these are done we can finally get our file server moved, which lets us power off our other physical server.

In part 5 we will start building our our new infrastructure. I am hoping we can dip our toes into the “Infrastructure As Code” waters, and do most things outside of the GUI console.