Moving to AWS (?) – Part 8

Previous parts: 12, 34, 5, and 7.

The Subsonic install was finished in a couple of hours yesterday, it was a lot easier than expected:

This was the last major task and we are now just a few more file transfers away from shutting down our file server. We will not go in to too much details regarding the Subsonic setup, apart from two key points.

  1. Docker container for Subsonic including Docker Compose file obtained here. Compose file inserted below with slight adjustments.
  2. We use s3fs to mount the S3 bucket containing our music files.

At this point I believe we can call the AWS migration project a success. We still have a handful of outstanding items to complete in the next few weeks. We will also follow up in a few months on our electricity savings, as well as our billing in AWS versus what we estimated. Thanks for following this migration series! Hopefully we can get more AWS content in the future.