Next up: Networking

I have been switching focus more towards networking due to work. I will hopefully be posting some CCNA content, stuff about software defined networking (SDN), and other useful network related things. To help me out with my CCNA certification I did some research and put together a network lab using some old hardware. I got a Cisco 2610XM router, 3x 2811 routers and 3x┬áCatalyst WS-C3560 switches (and a random 3Com unmanaged switch). To act as clients I have my Raspberry Pi 2 stack of 4 devices. I also got an old WAP so that I can manage the stack wirelessly later on. Before putting together this lab which cost around $400 with shipping, (not including the Pies) I looked at “CCNA Lab Kits” on eBay. They seems to average around $500 for a kit, which includes one less router and switch. My recommendation would be to do some research on good lab routers/switches and try to buy them individually instead.