I did promise a guide for bhyve setup, however I never got it all working. While I was able to get a Windows VM up and running, as soon as I tried to enable PCI pass-thru I ran into trouble. I also found a really good guide that I followed, so there would not have… Read Article →

Completed the first step and got FreeBSD installed on the new server this morning. Still waiting on rails to rack it. Installed 2x old Radeon 7850’s, and will continue to spin up some VMs using PCI-E pass through. Guide will come later as I work my way through the setup.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to give the bhyve hypervisor a try. I also realized that my desktop PC used for playing games was starting to perform badly with modern games. I did build it around 4 years ago, using cheap components at the time. The issue is with higher resolutions like 1440p and… Read Article →

I needed a simple backup script that compressed a folder and saved it on a locally mounted network share. I found the following script on this Github page, which I then modified to suit my needs. I run this script daily through Cron (make sure to use bash to run it, sh does not work)…. Read Article →

When I configured this web server (apache) I wanted a simple visitor counter that could keep track of daily unique visitors. While this is something that has been done time and time again I though it would be interesting to try and write my own. I originally wrote it to run on FreeBSD, but have… Read Article →

I want to look at FreeBSD’s hypervisor “bhyve”, but I currently don’t have any free hardware to do the testing on. Since bhyve now supports Windows I figured that I might be able to replace my VMware ESXi installation with FreeBSD instead. This would involve migrating a ton of lab servers however, and since I’ve… Read Article →

I came across the Open Source project File Pizza, which offers peer-to-peer (P2P) file transfers between people using just a browser. While they do offer a free service through the website https://file.pizza, I figured that I would try and set this up on my own site. The files are available on their Github Page. Since… Read Article →

I realized that I had only done Windows guides so far, so I figured I would show Linux some love. I had a guide laying around that shows how to setup a web server that runs DokuWiki, an Open Source Wiki that is easy to setup and maintain. The guide was originally created with the… Read Article →

Steve Gibson over at GRCĀ has created a simple and easy tool for removing the prompts to update to Windows 10 on non-enterprise installations of Windows. This solution works well for single desktops. Here is the link: https://www.grc.com/never10.htm For a wider scale deployment of this fix you can use Group Policy Preferences. Here are the settings… Read Article →

I recently wrote about badlock, which is sure to cause problems once revealed on 4/12. In preparation it can be a good idea to get an idea of what machines you have on your network that are actually running SMB right now. While file servers are to be expected, there might be some random devices… Read Article →

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