Eight days to go until the new SMB vulnerability “Badlock” gets revealed to the world on 4/12. The solution so far is “just patch”, since patches for Windows (one would assume for *BSD/Linux/OSX as well) will be released the same day. The issue will be with other devices that runs the SMB protocol. I’m pretty sure that… Read Article →

As I mentioned in this post I was going to create a guide how to setup ransomware / cryptolocker detection on a Windows fileserver. Turns out it was easier to setup than I though. Here is the complete guide: Open up File Server Resource Manager. If this is not installed on the server, add it through PowerShell:… Read Article →

As I was moving a Windows 10 install from an old HDD to a SSD I ran into some problems. Originally the SSD had Linux installed on it, and I then threw Windows onto a HDD to avoid having to partition the already small SSD. The problem is that Windows decided to create some sort of… Read Article →

I picked up a clever way to detect the presence of ransomware on a file server on an episode of Hack Naked TV. I reached out to the host of the show, Aaron, on Twitter and he sent me a couple of links [1] [2] with more information. I figured that I could probably put together a short… Read Article →

The marcusit.com webpage has been missing for a while. I moved the Raspberry Pi that hosted the original website and never bothered to bring the site back up. The old page was written in HTML5 using Notepad, this one is WordPress based. I did not feel like writing another page from scratch. The goal is to… Read Article →

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