Planned power saving measures

With physical server number 3 entering my basement datacenter I have started looking at power consumption. I have not checked the actual draw of power from all gear, but I know that my 950 W UPS started complaining about being overloaded with all three servers + switch/WAP running on it, so the current power draw is probably somewhere close to 900 W.

I started working on some simple scripts to shut down VMs + host as well as wake them back up at certain times for my Steam streaming box, as I don’t need this running all the time. Now I’m also looking at powering off my main ESXi host over night, since almost everything that needs to run full time is running on my FreeBSD storage server, which stays on at all times.

At this point I am down to two virtual servers that needs to be migrated away from the ESXi host to allow it to be powered off. One of them is my external DNS, which is currently running on Windows Server 2012 R2. This could be moved to a FreeBSD jail instead. The other thing is my router (pfSense), which preferably should run on its own separate hardware. I want to move it to the storage server eventually, but it would have to run in bhyve.

Two guides will be coming up regarding this, one how to setup the FreeBSD DNS server and another one showing how to setup pfSense on a FreeNAS/FreeBSD server.