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Previous parts: 1, 2, 3 and 4. Today we got rid of our onsite security camera server! It was necessary to go to a t2.medium EC2 instance as the cameras server software consume too much CPU for anything smaller. QoS was implemented to limit the camera streams to 6 Mbps outbound bandwidth, and to set them as… Read Article →

Previous parts: 1, 2 and 3. As we are getting ready to setup our new infrastructure in AWS we should probably have some sort of plan in place with our different steps outlined. Today we will put that together, using Trello. I made a quick guide on Trello which can be found here. If you happen to… Read Article →

Previous parts: 1 and 2. Today we will look at the new network design as we move resources to AWS. Mainly we want to focus on the security camera system as it is the most complex. Any web hosting, for example this blog, will just move from a server onsite to a server in AWS,… Read Article →

Continuing on with our journey into AWS from part 1 we now need to look at some cost estimates. We start by getting a list of storage and compute instance offerings from AWS. Storage Type Size Monthly Cost S3 1 TB $23.55 S3 2 TB $47.10 S3-IA 1 TB $12.80 S3-IA 2 TB $25.60 EBS 100 GB… Read Article →

After completing my Cisco CCNA R&S certification along with Security+ to keep my older CompTIA certs from expiring I started looking at learning more about cloud infrastructure management and architecture, specifically AWS as they currently have the largest market share. As part of this I thought it would be interesting to figure out of I… Read Article →

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