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Completed the first step and got FreeBSD installed on the new server this morning. Still waiting on rails to rack it. Installed 2x old Radeon 7850’s, and will continue to spin up some VMs using PCI-E pass through. Guide will come later as I work my way through the setup.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to give the bhyve hypervisor a try. I also realized that my desktop PC used for playing games was starting to perform badly with modern games. I did build it around 4 years ago, using cheap components at the time. The issue is with higher resolutions like 1440p and… Read Article →

I want to look at FreeBSD’s hypervisor “bhyve”, but I currently don’t have any free hardware to do the testing on. Since bhyve now supports Windows I figured that I might be able to replace my VMware ESXi installation with FreeBSD instead. This would involve migrating a ton of lab servers however, and since I’ve… Read Article →

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