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I had an outage for a few days as I was working on my lab setup. I also tidied up the server rack a bit, as seen below. Before I had about half of my important services such as Active Directory and DNS running on one physical server, and the other half (hosting things like this… Read Article →

Looks like my Lets Encrypt certification for this site had expired while I was on vacation. Guess I should have set it to auto-renew… I run this site on a FreeBSD webserver, and while support for Linux was there, the FreeBSD support for Lets Encrypt was still a bit lacking. That being said, hopefully I remember… Read Article →

The webpage has been missing for a while. I moved the Raspberry Pi that hosted the original website and never bothered to bring the site back up. The old page was written in HTML5 using Notepad, this one is WordPress based. I did not feel like writing another page from scratch. The goal is to… Read Article →

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