Why I love FreeNAS

So last night I got an email from my storage server. I usually get at least one email per day with a status update, but this time I got a critical alert as follows:10-18-2016 7-03-08 AM

I did some research online and quickly found that this was an indication that the drive might by dying. I ordered a replacement 4 TB drive right away. Now this morning I received another email:10-18-2016 7-08-20 AM

The drive had died, and my storage pool is now running on 5 disks. Not a huge deal since I run zraid2, which means I can lose two disks and still have my data, but it does mean a loss in performance. Since the replacement drive is already on it’s way I should be in good shape. Now, image if this was not my home lab storage pool, but instead was running in a larger enterprise. In that case I would have ready spare drives on hand, and would have swapped the drive after the first alert. In this case I got about 8 hours of warning before the drive died, plenty of time to get the drive swapped. Thanks to ZFS I know I did not lose any data (a scrub was later ran to confirm this as well), so now I just need to wait for my new drive, swap it out, and keep going.